Joe Biden wins enough delegates to secure a Democratic nomination

Biden is a Democratic candidate who has been presumed since April, when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the first team. His election victory on Saturday in Guam it allowed him to surpass the required 1,991 delegates to request a nomination in the party’s first vote at a convention held in August. Biden currently has 1,992 delegates, according to a CNN number.

“Just over three months ago, I took the stage in South Carolina and told the American people that our campaign is for all who have been torn down, counted down and abandoned. Those words are gaining momentum today, at a time when so many Americans are hurting and suffering there are so many losses, “Biden said in a statement. “He feels so much overwhelmed by the public health and economic crisis we are currently experiencing. He feels so numbered and abandoned by a society that sees them for too long as less equal and their lives less precious.”

He added: “I was honored to run with one of the most talented groups of candidates the Democratic Party has ever nominated – and I can proudly say that we are going to this general election as a united party. I will spend every day between now and November 3rd fighting for earning the votes of Americans across this great country, so that together we can win the battle for the soul of this nation and ensure that, as we rebuild our economy, everyone comes together. ”

The moment came after the coronavirus paroxysm delayed most of the primary sources that were to take place in April and May and interrupted the personal campaign.

Seven states – Indiana, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Dakota – as well as Washington, DC, held presidential primary elections last Tuesday in which Biden picked up a large number of delegates. He is expected to earn more this coming Tuesday, when primary competitions are held in the state of Georgia and West Virginia.

A CNN poll on general election between President Donald Trump and Biden finds 51% of registered voters nationwide, while 41% support Trump. This represents a shift in Biden’s favor since April, when a CNN poll found support for Biden averaging 48%, while Trump averaged 43%.
Look at the election of Trump and Biden upside down
Biden’s candidacy followed weeks of turmoil in the United States, and protests against racism and police brutality devastated the country following the deaths of blacks in police custody in Minnesota. In his first month outside of Delaware, Biden gave a speech Tuesday in Philadelphia condemning Trump and addressing protests across the country.

“” I can not breathe. I can not breathe. “George Floyd’s last words. But they didn’t die with him. They’re still heard. They resonate with this country,” Biden said.

“They’re talking to a country where too often just the color of your skin puts your life in danger. They’re talking to a country where more than 100,000 people have lost their lives to the virus and 40 million Americans have applied for unemployment – a disproportionate number of deaths and job losses concentrated in black and minority communities, ”Biden said. “And they’re talking to a nation where every day millions of people – not at the time of losing a life – but during a lifetime – say to themselves,‘ I can’t breathe. “

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