It looks like a bunch of people who will soon be disappointed mistakenly bought an Xbox One X today

Today, Microsoft launched pre-orders for its next-generation console, the Xbox One X. Sorry, I mean Xbox Series X. Can you blame me? There is only one word from the difference between the two nouns, and it is the word in the middle. There are also three Xs.

I might not be the only one who confuses them. (Microsoft itself He has, but I dig in.) Although today is pre-order day for Series X (reminder: new), file One X (old) had a banner day on amazon too, At one point 747 percent on Amazon “Movers & Shakers” sales charts.

Note that Amazon charts only cover the past hour – it wasn’t number 4 all day – and that the 747 percent figure is how much the Xbox One X has climbed the charts, not an increase in unit sales.

It’s not hard to imagine how people might end up purchasing the wrong console. If you search for “xbox series x” on Amazon, the two main search results are Series X and One X, and it can be difficult to distinguish their images from each other. They both feature a large black box with the Xbox console leaning on the right side, all against a black background. In the rush to get a precious pre-order, I could see how someone could miss both offers.

For people who Act They accidentally bought an Xbox One X (refresher: this is the old one), hopefully they will realize the error in their methods, be able to return their console to Amazon for a full refund, and eventually have a chance to purchase the next generation console They were already looking for him. It’s 2020, things happen, and it’s not your fault that Microsoft choose Confusing naming scheme For next generation controllers.

And besides, it might be the big day for the Xbox One X Alternative interpretation That would be pretty justice to those who felt that pre-orders for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 were being cut short at impossible speed: All Xbox One X consoles were probably bought by deceptive bots.

If so, then have fun with the parked console, the robots.

Update September 22, 8:19 PM ETExplain that the 747 percent figure represents a rise in the Xbox One X to the Amazon sales charts, not a growth in unit sales.

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