Iran refuses to negotiate with the representatives of the United States

The meeting of all contracting parties in Vienna aims to help revitalize the nuclear deal with Iran. The United States government is open, but it cannot retreat from the Trump years.

Dependent Iran According to the Foreign Ministry, there will be no negotiations with the Union at the new nuclear meeting in Vienna United States of America To lead. “We will not talk directly or indirectly with the United States in Vienna,” Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said. He rejected media reports that there would be indirect negotiations between the two political foes on Tuesday.

Former US President Donald Trump had a Weiner Nuclear deal The service was unilaterally terminated as of 2015. The remaining contractual partners are China, Germany, France, Great Britain and Russia. Tuesday’s meeting marks the first serious attempt to salvage the nuclear deal with Iran since US President Joe Biden took office.

Iran sets conditions for returning to the treaty

Araghchi said on state television that “Iran’s policy in this regard is clear and simple: The United States must return to the Vienna nuclear agreement, fulfill the agreement in accordance with the treaty, and thus lift the sanctions on Iran.” Once this happens, Iran will also abide by the agreements contained in the deal again, said the deputy minister and head of the Iranian delegation to the talks in Vienna.

A spokeswoman for the US President Joe BidenJane Psaki said on Friday that the working-level talks should clarify the steps Iran will have to take in expanding its nuclear program and the sanctions the United States will have to lift to allow a return to the agreement. “At the moment, we do not expect that there will be direct talks between the United States and Iran in this process, although we certainly are still ready for that,” Psaki said.

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A representative of the European Union expected the effort to take more than two weeks but less than two months. From an Iranian point of view, Arajji described the planned course of the meeting in Vienna as follows: “We will conduct purely technical talks with the 4 + 1 (the remaining contractual partners) about the US returning to the deal.” Representatives of the five countries should then refer the results to the United States. American. “How do you do it, whether you will succeed or not, that is all that belongs to you and it is not our business,” the deputy minister said.

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