Iran: New round of nuclear talks in Vienna – Asia

(ANSA) – Istanbul, April 27 – A new round of negotiations today in Vienna over the possibility of the United States returning to the Iran nuclear agreement (Jcpoa). The joint committee talks, which began at the beginning of April, will be held in the presence of the Islamic Republic and 4 + 1 (France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia and China), and chaired by the Deputy Foreign Minister. General and Director of Political Affairs of the European Union External Service, Enrique Moura. Instead, the United States will continue to follow developments at a separate table, given the unilateral withdrawal from the agreement decided by Donald Trump in 2018.

Tehran described the talks that have taken place so far as “promising” but insists on the call for the full lifting of US sanctions, while Washington is pressing for Iran to return to full compliance with its obligations under the agreement.

Negotiations resume amid strong regional and internal tensions in the Islamic Republic, as fundamentalists continue to attack Hassan Rouhani’s government, less than two months before the presidential elections, which the current country will not be able to advance to. (handle).

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