In Florence, the governor meets with the Consul General of the United States of America

State Secretary Anna Palumbi met this morning via video link, the Consul General of the United States of America in Florence, Ragini Gupta.

During the friendly conversation, topics of common interest were covered with a special focus on the evolution of the emergency epidemic emergency, the state of public order, security and the state of the economy in the Arezzo region.

In particular, the governor highlighted this This region is characterized by a climate of intense activity and fruitful synergy between public institutions and private operators, and the state of public order and security in the district does not particularly highlight critical situations..

The governor added that the current health emergency had mainly affected the less regulated economic realities in the province, which made it more difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises that characterize the economic fabric of Arezzo province.

This entailed a significant commitment on the part of the governorate and police forces to implement the security system that is already in place, in order to keep the region from possible infiltration of organized crime.

In this context, the mayor noted, several regional credit observatory meetings have been included and held in order to enhance cooperative support for all. Actors in the economic and banking system so that the challenge of economic recovery is confidently met, with a commitment to implement structural interventions to revive the economy, and hence corporate production levels and workers’ incomes.

In completing his speech, the governor highlighted that the Arezzo region has long boasted of a tradition of welcoming American students, who unfortunately have suffered from the effects of the health emergency that has led to a comprehensive blockage of tourist flows.

However, the region’s potential was highlighted from a cultural, tourism and economic point of view.

In this regard, the consul expressed his wish that he would soon be able to come to Arezzo to meet the authorities in person and enjoy the beauty that the province offered.

The meeting was an opportunity to reaffirm the excellent relations that unite Arezzo with the United States of America.

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