If Ukraine invaded, it would be a disaster for the Russian economy.

AGI – the invasion of Ukraine will lead to a A “disaster” for the Russian economy. US President Joe Biden said at a news conference.

Biden responded to those who asked him if he thought the threats made were enough to convince Moscow not to invade Ukraine, given that sanctions had not had significant effects in the past, “He – referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin – n”He had never seen punishments like the ones I promised to apply it if it moves.” Biden spoke of ‘Frank discussion’ with Putin In the past few weeks.

Biden explained at the press conference a year after taking office, that the United States does not currently intend to suspend tariffs on Chinese products worth hundreds of billions of dollars, because Beijing does not respect the obligations contained in the trade agreement with the United States.

In response to a question about companies calling for tariffs to be suspended under Trump, the president revealed that US Trade Representative Catherine Taye is working on the file. It also points to uncertainty about when his administration might begin removing tariffs. “The answer is uncertain — Biden said, addressing reporters — I would like to be able to tell you that they (the Chinese) are honoring commitments beyond those so that they can start removing a portion (of the tariffs). But we’re not there yet,” Biden said, addressing reporters.

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