Hungary welcomes 20,000 fans to the European Super Cup amid mounting coronavirus fears

In the era of coronavirus, the sight of 20,000 fans in the Puskas Arena will be impressive Bayern Munich And SevilleThe UEFA Champions League and European League winner last season, meets in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, at Puskas Square.
The game comes as Europe faces a second wave of Covid-19 infections, raising fears that it may cause an increase in cases.
“It hurts so much when it comes to the Super Cup,” Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus Soeder said He said this week.
Soeder warned that the game would become “football – Ischgl” – in reference to The Austrian ski resort that helped spread the virus across Europe Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge echoed his concerns.
“I think everyone’s stomachs are flapping,” Rummenigge said. ZDF.

Experimental event

UEFA is treating the event as a pilot to bring fans back to the stadiums. Attendees must adhere to a social distance of one and a half meters, wear face masks and undergo a body temperature check upon entry.

Bayern confirmed on its website that fans returning from Hungary to the state of Bavaria, where the club is based, will be forced to quarantine for a period of 14 days.

The club is also offering fans returning from Budapest a free coronavirus test in the parking lot of their stadium, Allianz Arena.

3,000 tickets are allocated to each of Seville and Bayern, and locals will likely take the rest as Hungary hosts the final of the major European football tournament for the first time.

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Seville players train before Thursday's match.

Hungary’s National Ambulance Service announced that 500 emergency service workers were invited to Thursday’s match, with tickets sold out within 21 hours.

to me ReutersHungarian epidemiologist Andras Schielek described the decision to invite healthcare workers as “ridiculous”, adding that “everyone in the healthcare sector will work on COVID cases soon … It’s a happy story, but I don’t think it should be allowed.” .

When CNN contacted UEFA about safety concerns in the Super Cup, it referred to earlier announcements about health and safety measures being put in place on the stadium.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Hungarian Football Association indicated that the game would be less risky than indoor events and safer than congestion on the street.

“Thanks to strict precautions, the Puskas Arena will be safer than anywhere else in the country or even the whole of Europe at the time of the match,” she said.

Bayern Munich players arrived in Budapest after a confirmed victory over Schalke 04.

The match comes in the same week that the UK government postponed plans to allow fans to return to the sports stadiums from October 1 amid a second wave of injuries.

Sevilla did not start their La Liga campaign after this season, although the team are in good shape after suffering their last defeat in February. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich started their domestic season with a 8-0 win over Schalke 04.

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