How to catch the dracaena meteor shower tonight

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October is a great month for astronomical events. Don’t just offer Two chances to see a full moon– With an appearance before Mars, too – There are also a few meteor showers on the night sky stream. And as it turns out, it will happen this week. Here’s how to catch the Draconid meteor shower tonight.

What is the dracaena meteor shower?

The Draconid meteor shower occurs every year, with some displays being more impressive than others. (For example, in 1933, observers saw Europe Up to 500 Draconids Per minute.) We’re unlikely to see something like this again, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a peek outside tonight to catch a glimpse of some of the drop stars (only Another word for meteorites).

How to see the dracaena meteor shower

Every year, this meteorite is active from October 6 – 10. It was initially expected that last night, October 7It would be the climax, though that was only guesswork. sOur chances of seeing some falling stars tonight should be good. There may be more opportunities during a Saturday night, so keep an eye on the skies.

to me EarthSky, Regardless of your location, the best time to see a Draconid meteor shower is at nightfall or early in the evening, and definitely before midnight. This is because the waning moon of Jepus (about 75% lit) will not rise until mid-evening. Making it darker when it gets dark And increase your chances of seeing a meteor Show.

Meteor showers will be more pronounced in the northern hemisphere than in the southern hemisphere, although “even at northern latitudes, Draconids are usually very modest showers, presenting only a few slow-moving meteors per hour,” According to EarthSky.

More meteors are coming

If the Draconid meteor shower wasn’t all you hoped for (which is an obvious possibility), don’t worry – you’ll have other chances to see meteors this month. Specifically, the Orionids will peak On the nights of October. 20- 21. Stay in touch: We will provide you with more astronomical information informations Closer to that History.

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