How long will life take to return to normal after the Covid vaccine is introduced?

Coronavirus vaccines Under construction in the UK, which Matt Hancock declared “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

About four million doses of the Pfizer vaccine are expected to be delivered by the end of the year, enough for 2 million people.

But when will things start to return to normal, can we stop wearing masks, and what does this mean for the caste system?

When will we return to normal?

Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, said the decision on when to start easing coronavirus restrictions was a political and societal one.

In response to a question from members of Parliament on Wednesday, 9 December, if the introduction of the vaccine means that restrictions can start to be eased, Mr. Whitty said that vaccinations will begin to reduce the death rate and hospitalization rate in the UK.

But he added, “At a certain point, society will say through political leaders, through elected ministers and through parliament, that this level of risk is a level that we think is appropriate to assume.”

Then, it will have to be determined whether the stakes are low enough “to certainly largely get rid of the most burdensome (restrictions) that we have to deal with,” he added.

He stressed that this would happen “gradually” and restrictions would not be lifted all at once on a particular day.

Matt Hancock, Secretary of Health, suggested earlier that the country would start to return to “normal” after Easter.

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