Harassment at New York restaurants, Joe Bastianich and Chef Batali will have to compensate 20 employees: a figure set at $600,000

what a chef Mario Batali The businessman and the face of TV Atmosphere Bastianic You will have to Rewards About 20 employees, victims of harassment in their restaurants in New York. They are business partners with Batali & Bastinich Hospitality Group They will have to pay $600,000 For women who reported being sexually harassed while working at three popular restaurants in the Big Apple.

According to New York State Attorney Leticia James, who disclosed the amount, the entrepreneurs’ gross premises was a sexist work environment that consisted of extortion and revenge in violation of city and state laws in defense of human rights. “Battles and Bastianich They have allowed an intolerable work environment to develop with shameful and inappropriate behavior in any situation, attorney James wrote, adding that “celebrity and fame do not excuse a person if they are to be prosecuted.” Last April, precisely because of the scandal, the most famous restaurant by Batali and Bastianche opened in Manhattan, Sweetened, has closed its doors. Batali himself, one of the most famous chefs in the United States, has been accused several times of sexual harassment by his employees over the years, to the point that in 2019 he decided to leave the company he created with former host Masterchef.

The compensation is the result of a plea agreement that came after the investigation began thanks to the complaint of the same employees. The company that Batali and Bastainch created at the time of their partnership, Batali & Bastainch. Bastianich Hospitality Group, you will now pay too.

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