Green Pass, Sicilian restaurateurs: “There is still a lot of confusion but it is a useful tool”

New government measures related to green pass. Having become mandatory to have access to the indoor tables of restaurants and bars, it has drawn quite a few criticisms. One of the most discussed points in the new decree is related to certification controlWhich, according to the government, must be run by training staff.

Investigators are required to validate this certification exclusively through the “Verification C19” app, which can be downloaded for free, to be installed on a mobile device. This aspect has already posed difficulties for restaurants, as explained by it Regional President of Fipe Confcommercio Sicily, Dario Pistorio.

Some restaurants tell me that foreign green passports, such as those of Israel and the US, with electronic verification are not valid, while they are on paper. What should they do in these cases? The second problem relates to structures run by the elderly. They often do not have access to the Internet or electronic equipment. In these cases they ask for the “Green Corridor” and they are a regular for them. But if the green lane is false or fake, who is to blame? The manager who couldn’t check the cellphone, or the one who didn’t have the green lane in order? We haven’t been told about this yet.”

at the moment It seems that the structures most punished by the new measure are the bars“They are the hardest hit – because they have rooms with air-conditioning that are still empty,” says Pistorio. “There seems to be less flow of people inside because of the green corridor.” Chief Fipe Sicilia is keen to remember that it is not mandatory to present the certificate for consumption at the counter: there have been misunderstandings in some places, and it is good to point out.

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Another controversial point in the new decree concerns document control. For Fipe Confcommercio operators should not be the operators to deal with. Pistorio says: “For us, this is a mistake – we are not public officials: we just need to check the green card, take the name, surname and phone number for tracking. Sometimes the document is not there, then the driver’s license does not show the address. In short, confusion and sluggishness are created. , which actually complicates what our job is: management.”

like him There are already those who do not comply with the new rules And signs appear outside the building saying: “All types of customers are welcome here, two restaurants and no”. However, for Pistorio, the Green Pass can be a useful tool to keep exercises open especially if areas have changed color.

“I applaud the green lane if it will allow us to stay open in the yellow zone. I’m sorry for those restaurants who rebelledIt’s a tool that everyone needs so that it doesn’t get shut down, which could cause more damage to our sector.”

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