Galaxy Watch4 updates: Fall detection, gesture control, and new customization options

From a variety of customizable watch straps and dials, as well as various functions and applications, users can customize the Galaxy Watch4 series to suit their lifestyle.

Here’s the main news:

Customizable watch faces.
With so many watch faces to choose from, the latest update allows users to choose the items from which they can build the watch that fits their personality and lifestyle.

If they are very passionate about fitness or want to know details about their health – they can customize the new Info Brick watch with goals that matter to them, such as the pulse or tension they feel throughout the day. They can choose one of the watch faces that display the weather or wallpapers inspired by the Galaxy Z Fold3 or Galaxy Z Flip3 – all of which are customizable.

abbreviation It is a way to quickly access important information at a glance and launch your most frequently used applications. Now, four shortcuts can be displayed on the Animals watch face — from battery life to reminders, messages, step count, and more. You can also choose My Photo + watch face animated backgrounds, instead of a static photo, to create more interesting and lively watch faces.

The update also brings more fun animations on the Steps Challenge watch face to keep track of the number of steps. The animated bear will provide a small dose of motivation – to take a drawing session or complete a daily challenge.

– Gesture control.

Gesture commands mean users can do more with simple hand gestures. In addition to moving the crank up and down twice to reject calls and turn off alarms, the update includes a new hand motion that can act as a handy shortcut to activate a chosen app or function.

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By performing a simple “knock” movement with the wrist, a pre-set app or training menu can be opened, the flashlight can be turned on or even a new reminder can be created. This allows you to access your most used apps without pressing any button.

Fall detection.

First introduced in the Galaxy 2020 series of smartwatches, the fall detection system is capable of recognizing if the wearer has fallen during exercise. Now, the sensitivity of the Galaxy Watch4 can be adjusted so that it can detect a drop even when users are motionless. In addition, the Galaxy Watch4 can send an SOS notification to four pre-set contacts – if the situation calls for such an action.

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