G20, from the WEC and Globe meeting on decarbonization and the recycling chain

Wednesday 21 July 2021 – 14:00

G20, from the WEC and Globe meeting on decarbonization and the recycling chain

A high-profile initiative at Federico II University

ROME, July 21 (askanews) – Accelerating the transformation of economic development models, creating the necessary infrastructures for environmental transition, relaunching research and development initiatives for new sectors of the circular economy and structuring competitive and environmentally and socially sustainable industrial policies, representing the main way to achieve global and national reboot.

How do we encourage and keep pace with this necessary acceleration and transformation in order to create value for the regions, the competitiveness of the country and, above all, without leaving anyone behind? The focus of the G-20 under the Italian presidency on people, prosperity and the planet brings these global challenges to the attention of the governments of major global economies, and in collaboration with COP26, the international community will commit to finding common solutions to the world’s environmental transformation. Energy systems and the circular economy. Italy will be the global protagonist of this scenario in 2021.

On the occasion of the G20 Climate and Energy Summit 2021 in Naples, WEC Italia and Globe Italia, in collaboration with Federico II, President of Energy Law of the University of Naples, are organizing a “high-level” meeting by invitation, with the participation of senior institutional representatives, the Ministry for Environmental Transformation, and institutional delegations of the G20 countries together Together with associations and recycling companies as well as representatives of multinational companies and leading energy companies.

“People, Prosperity and Planet at the Heart of Environmental Transformation,” this is the title of the appointment scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, July 22, 2021, from 2:30 p.m. to 6.45 p.m., at Federico II University, Department of Law, Ola Pesina.

The initiative aims to be an opportunity for concrete discussion at a high level on policies, strategies and innovative solutions to decarbonize energy systems and the recycling chain. The meeting will be broadcast on the social channels of the organizers.

Among the guests included in the rich program are: Gennaro Migliori (President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean), David Livingstone (Senior Policy Adviser, US Department of State), Stefano Grassi (Chief Commissioner for Energy Simpson), Francesco La Camera (Director General of the IAEA). Renewable Energy (IRENA), Guido Portoni (Senior Adviser to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy), Marco Margheri (President of WEC Italy), Matteo Faveiro (President of Globe Italy), Sandro Staiano (Director of Law Department, Federico II University of Naples), Piero Salatino (Rector’s delegate), Katie Gerizza (Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Electric Energy Research Institute of the United States), Houda Ben-Janet Allal (Director-General of the Mediterranean Energy Observatory), Fabrizio Berry (Coordinator of the Center for Materials for Sustainable Future Technologies – Italian Institute of Technology), Andrea Siumi (Head of Corporate Relations EMEA, CNH Industri al), Simone Nisi (Head of Corporate Affairs, Edison), Fabrizio Iaccarino (Head of Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Corporate, Enel Italia), Alessandro Sabini (Head of Central Institutional Relations, ENI), Guido Guida (Head of International Corporate Affairs, Terna), Domenico Maggi (Head of European and Public Affairs for Energy Transition, SAM), Francesco Palestino (Product Manager for Renewable and Green Technologies) , Saipem Xsight), Vania Java (Secretary of State, Ministry of Environmental Transformation), Maria Cristina Piovesana (Vice President for Environment, Sustainability and Culture, Confindustria), Giangiacomo Pierini (Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company), Luca Ruini (President of Conai), Carlo Montalbetti (Director General, Comieco), Valeria Frittelloni (Director of the National Center for Waste and Circular Economy, ISPRA), Chico Testa (President of Fise-Assoambiente), Roberto Morasot (Member of ento Italian Parliament), Piero Bellisaro (Chief Resilience Officer, Municipality of Milan), Michele Racera (Director General, Contarina Spa) Laura D’Aprile (Head of the Department of Environmental Transformation and Green Investments, Ministry of Environmental Transformation).

Niqash 2, “Italy at the heart of a just and sustainable European transformation,” will be moderated by Askanews Deputy Director Gianni Todini. The event is sponsored by the European Parliament, Federico II University of Naples and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, and is promoted by CNH Industrial, Coca Cola HBC Italia, Comieco, Conai, Contarina Spa, Edison, Fise-Assoambiente, Istituto Italiano of Technology, Saipem and Snam and Terna.

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