From May 15, he crossed quarantine from European Union countries

Starting next Saturday, May 15, the mini quarantine of people from European countries will likely end. The same should apply to those coming from Great Britain and Israel. And as shown at the end of the regulatory schedule this morning, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and Health Minister Roberto Speranza are working on it. A permission method to allow the doors of foreign tourists to reopen in light of the summer period. But for everyone, they will only be allowed into Italy if they have a negative smear or vaccination certificate or if they have recovered from Covid in the past six months.

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By Alessandra Zenetti

In addition, free Covid trips from the US will be boosted by mid-June: the goal is to also eliminate quarantines for tourists from the US, with the same standard always in place: negative swab, vaccine, or cure for Covid.

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Written by Viola Giannoli / Alessandra Zenetti

The aim is to reopen the door to all foreign countries that have achieved a high level of vaccination. As Minister Di Maio himself explained in a post published on Facebook: “We are safely reopening our doors to foreign countries,” noting that “tourism is an important key to the resumption of Italy, and we must plan well for the summer, so that health, economy and work are not at risk.” Adding: “We had a preliminary discussion with Minister Roberto Speranza about measures to reopen the door to foreign tourists who want to visit our country this summer, and the goal is to re-open to visitors from those foreign countries who have reached a high level of vaccination, to ease some measures in the middle of a month.” May “.

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And then: “We are working to bypass the” mini-quarantine “for those coming from European countries, the United Kingdom and Israel, if you have a negative smear or vaccination certificate or if you have recovered from Covid in the past six months. For the United States – he explains – where empty flights will be promoted. From the Covid virus and as of June we aim to overcome the “mini-quarantine” on arrival. And “We are also organizing free flights for Coronavirus to Dubai, where the Expo will start from October.”

While Prime Minister Draghi, speaking at the end of the European “Social Summit” to be held in Porto, said, “Like most Italians I want to reopen the door, I want people to come back to work, to enjoy, to be together, but we have to do it in safety, that is to calculate the risks.” Well “.

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