Far ahead of its time: Buick had a touchscreen 35 years ago VIDEO

Touch screens are available today in almost all new models, but little is known about the appearance of the first cars with a touch screen in the mid-1980s.

The Graphics Control Center (GCC) system, which has been installed on the Buick Riviera since 1986, pioneers modern in-car multimedia displays.

Unlike today’s touch screen technology, GCC countries use a cathode ray tube like older models of televisions or computer monitors.

The contents and functions of this system are accessed via distinct rectangular fields on the 4″ x 3″ monochrome screen located at the top of the center console.

The GCC system had a plethora of content as standard, such as a trip computer, air conditioning control, radio, and even a mini diagnostic center that monitored the condition of the engine and brake system.

You can see what the Buick Riviera’s touchscreen multimedia system looked like in the attached video.

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