Fans all over the world speak up

There is an incredible decision about WhatsApp. The choice leaves all fans in the world speechless: let’s go and see what happens.

Resolution to dislodge messaging app users (via screenshot)

There are many problems that plague her The WhatsApp Since the start of the year and the exciting decision may cause a crash of users, in fact, Mark Zuckerberg Usually, it uses a competing app. Thanks to the massive data leak from Facebook, not only has the founder number of the world’s most famous social network been discovered. But not only that, in fact, Zuckerberg usually uses “SignalThe fastest growing messaging app in the past year.

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expert Cyber ​​Securities Dave WalkerSkovando Calculate Mark Zuckerberg’s Signal. An option that further casts doubts on the true protection of privacy on WhatsApp. Actually the next day May 15, When the new terms of service stipulate Share data with Facebook, There may be a significant new drop in the number of users. Meanwhile, the messaging app launched another novelty so let’s find out what is.

WhatsApp, Zuckerberg’s Decision Does Not Stop Updates: What’s Changing

WhatsApp's decision
Another news on the messaging app (via screenshot)

Meanwhile, if he arrives The WhatsApp Users fear for their privacy, the app is ready to launch new functions and tools to satisfy users. Cupertino Corporation, in fact, is ready to launch New stickers Dedicated to Vaccination campaignWith the aim of increasing awareness of comprehensive immunization. The new package of stickers was produced in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and is called ‘Vaccines All“.

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In addition to that, all stickers coming soon will be available on both iOS in order to Male in appearance. The department has considered the arrival of new stickers Instructions From the official website of The WhatsApp. In addition, the messaging app, already during its first shutdown, cooperated with both the WHO and UNICEF. On that occasion, epidemic awareness posters, called ‘Together at homeThis clearly indicates safety measures such as social distancing.

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