Experts tell what messages cannot be stored in smartphones

In today’s world, few people use text messaging. Although almost all tariff plans provide dozens of SMS. However, the number of incoming messages is not decreasing, because cell phone operators, various stores and services regularly mention themselves and the services provided in this way.


However, it is not recommended to store all messages on a smartphone. The experts spoke of the messages that it is advisable to discard them as soon as they are received and read. This will help protect your personal data from being stolen by fraudsters. Experts also remind you of the importance of emptying the trash, because not all data is deleted immediately and permanently.

First of all, you need to delete the SMS containing bank card passwords and numbers immediately. Moreover, it is not recommended to store even messages with temporary passwords, which may come, for example, to regain access to a certain site. You can also add financial links and license codes on social networks here.

Additionally, experts advise users to approach app permissions with a great head. This is especially true for programs that are not the most popular. Some programs request access to contacts and messages on startup. In this case, you must be extremely careful, because with the help of such programs, attackers can gain access to all messages stored in the smartphone. After receiving SMS messages at their disposal, fraudsters can gain access to the user’s personal accounts.

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