Elon Musk opines on COVID, superstar buddies, and huge vacant properties

Mark Zuckerberg has troubles. The coronavirus actually is dangerous if you’re aged or in lousy overall health, but it should not shut down factories. And Kanye West should really run for president — in 2024.

Of course, Elon Musk is chatting yet again about tech, the pandemic, superstar, science fiction and casual billionaire gossip with New York Instances columnist Maureen Dowd for a lengthy feature published Saturday night.

The visionary billionaire and Tesla CEO seems settled with a new newborn, X Æ A-Xii, with his singer-girlfriend Grimes. The few are living in Los Angeles, but like numerous Californians, their housing problem is fluid.

Musk put his Hillsborough estate and four Los Angeles mansions up for sale in May well. He disclosed Grimes would choose they retain at minimum a single household — despite the fact that Musk prompt leasing a spot as a substitute of preserving a portfolio of large, empty properties.

“These days, I have been staying in this peculiar Gatsby-like house, what I contact the haunted mansion, and it is a bit bleak, to be entirely frank,” Musk told the Periods, not determining a individual property. “The home alone is stunning but, you know, it’s like Wayne Manor without Alfred.”

He recalled satisfied times of Silicon Valley couch surfing at the homes of Google founders Larry Site and Sergey Brin, saying it was a fantastic way to catch up with good friends.

Musk in the beginning inspired West, a longtime good friend, to run for president in a further four years, so as not to split the Black vote from Democratic candidate Joe Biden. But following West posted a sequence of erratic tweets, Musk texted the artist to see if he was performing Okay.

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He’s also anxious about the presidential election and Facebook’s purpose in allowing rumor and falsehoods to spread immediately and damage democracy.

“I am not tremendous-self-assured,” Musk instructed Dowd. “I’m, like, not professional-Fb. I don’t have a Fb web site. SpaceX and Tesla deleted their Fb webpages. SpaceX and Tesla do have an Instagram but I imagine it is rather harmless. So I think Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg even now have a good deal of work to do to restore public have faith in in Facebook itself.”

Dowd requested a accurate or bogus query: Is Zuckerberg a sociopath?

Musk laughed: “Ah, oh, man….Mark Zuckerberg has some challenges, we all have some problems.” Musk additional that he’s worried about the Facebook founder’s complete handle about the platform, and the probability of creating “dynastic prosperity.’

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