Elchingen / Neu-Ulm: The Church Provides Space For Art: Works on Easter Sunday in Thalfingen and Neu-Ulm

On Easter, the churches in Thalfingen and Neu-Ulm give space for art. The focus is on philosophical questions and deep insights into one’s spiritual life.

While museums have to close again in light of the increasing number of infections, churches can now confront church visitors with art on themes related to the Easter theme, especially during the Passover period and Easter. In Neu-Ulm Petruskirche and Thalfinger Thomaskirche Jean-Pierre Barraud, Church District Technical Commissioner Augsburg, Presenting two artworks at the Easter Stand or during Easter Mass, which can be seen by visitors until May: Talvingen Artist Ulm Dietmar Herzog shows his formula “Wann ist Jetzt?”, In New Olymp Mirror artwork by South Korean artist Seung-il Chung can be seen from Sunday.

Artist Dietmar Herzog from Ulm: a poem that will appear in the service of the Church

Since 2006 he has been working in Olm Living artist and writer Dietmar Herzog, who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and received support from the Ulm Art Foundation’s “pro Arte” grant, along with writing – he also writes his own texts. From one of his prose texts, devoted to the symbolism of freshly falling snow, he created the 19-line poem – compressed into seven lines – that is the basis for the fixation, which will take place at Talvingen from the Easter service. (April 4, 6 am) will appear. The central question that the poem poses – on plywood in the Herzog font, filling the entire campus walls – is a thought-provoking question, “When is it now?” in the room.

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Herzog himself chose light blue to write the poem, with the notes and underlining he created in another work step setting accents in the dark blue. The lines of the text are approximately 3.70 meters long and adapt to the angular shape of the sanctuary. Herzog says that handwriting is especially important to him as an individual and true characteristic of a writer. The installation can be lit from the back. Herzog’s work can be seen in St. Thomas Church until May 21. The day before, Barrow is planning a closing event, during which Dietmar Herzog will talk about the installation in an artist’s talk.

Art installation at the Neu-Ulm Petruskirche

The work titled “Art Reflects the Sky – Exists in Neu-Ulm Petruskirche – Easter Holiday Also “installed by Seung-il Chung. The mirror work is covered until Easter and will then be revealed in service at 10 o’clock; during Easter until May 20, the cubic meter made of wood and mirrors will be located in the center of the church.” Seung il-Chung in Seoul in 1979 and lives and works in Munich, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts.As for the South Korean, who, like Herzog, works in various artistic disciplines, he is often involved in his work with the cube created in 2011, The South Korean wants to invite you to look at yourself, and at the same time the cube reflects the room in question – depending on the room and its location, it allows itself to enter itself through the effect of a mirror, new perspectives arise.

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