Donald Trump’s trial: “unforgivable” – a Republican complaining about a former president

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The rift continues among Republicans after the impeachment measures against Donald Trump. One senator criticizes that party members have gone too far in their criticism.

  • Republicans: Inside United States of America Controversy continues over dealing with the former president Donald Trump.
  • A member of the Senate is now critical of the so-called “abolition culture.” dim Isolation From Donald Trump However, he did not agree.
  • All essential information about the 45th President of the United States is available at Trump News.

Washington – The rift within the US Republican Party is over Donald Trump The tenure of the position will likely last longer. Senator John Thun of North Carolina has now defended his party mates who support A. Isolation Donald Trump’s voice.

The senator himself voted against the impeachment decision, but he warned, according to the American Politico magazine, against excluding those who voted for it. “There were strong arguments,” Thon said in an interview with Politico. People can come to various conclusions. “If we criticize the media and the left for the culture of elimination, we cannot do it ourselves,” said Thon.

Donald Trump started a quarrel between Republicans and Mitch McConnell

Senator John Thon Hebe Donald Trump Although he’s rarely criticized during his tenure, according to Politico, he described Donald Trump’s actions as “unjustified” after the election. Having voted against impeachment, he justified it by the fact that he did not want to punish an ordinary citizen with the sole aim of excluding him from future office.

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He has this week Donald Trump Against the senator Mitch McConnell And thus increased the intensity of the disagreement within the party. On the other hand, John Thon told Politico that he would support candidates who don’t talk “about conspiracies and things like that.”

Donald Trump speaks to Republicans as president of the United States – including John Thon (third from left). (Archive image)

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Senator defends his party mate who is voting against Donald Trump

He praised Blaise Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, who was officially reprimanded by her party for impeachment. Donald Trump Vote. “You did a good job of most things,” said Thon. He confirmed that he would support it in the primaries. But she is still in command of the parliamentary group in the House of Representatives. (Frederick Mayer)

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