COVID-19 caused the largest decline in life expectancy in Switzerland since 1944

Life expectancy for men in Switzerland fell in 2020 to 81 years, about 11 months less than the previous year, This represents the largest drop in this indicator in the country since 1944According to figures provided by the Federal Statistics Office.

In women, life expectancy last year was 85.1 years, six months less than in 2019, a reduction not seen in the central European country since 196.2.

Some Swiss cantons, such as Ticino (south), Geneva (west), or Obwalden (centre) Last year suffered a drop of about two and a half years in life expectancy for men, while the most significant reduction was in women, by 1.8 years, took place in Jura (North).

in 2020 Switzerland set a record for deaths, 76,000 (compared to 67,000 in 2019), an increase of 11% compared to the previous two years, which was only 0.3%.

The deaths last year related to COVID-19 were about 7,600 (0.9 per thousand people), Something that Swiss statistics compare with 22,000 deaths from the 1918 flu (5.6 deaths per 1,000 people)..

In that most dangerous pandemic in the world before the current epidemic, Life expectancy in Switzerland has fallen by 10 years for men and eight years for women, and the numbers are much higher than those caused by COVID-19, according to federal statistics..

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