Commissioner Rob Manfred expects fans at the World Series, NLCS at the Globe Life Field

Commissioner Rob Manfred expects fans at the World Series, NLCS at the Globe Life Field

Fans will be able to attend the National League Championships and World Series Championships in Arlington, Texas, according to Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Manfred told Bob Nightingale of USA Today that awaiting approval from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, fans will attend. How many fans and ticket information has not been announced yet but details are expected soon. The Texas Rangers opened the Globe Life Field with a retractable roof with a capacity of 40,300 seats this season, but was unable to welcome fans due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re moving forward with getting fans in Texas,” said Manfred. “One of the most important things about our game is the presence of the fans. Getting started on the path of having fans in the stadiums, in a safe and risk-free environment, is very important in our game.”

Globe Life Field and Minute Maid Park in Houston will both host the National League series, with ALDS being played at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and Petco Park in San Diego.

NLCS begins October 12th at the Globe Life Field. ALCS will be in Petco Park starting October 11th. The coronavirus restrictions in California will likely prevent fans from attending ALCS.

MLB expanded its qualifiers to a 16-team format in 2020 for the regular 60-match season shortened to Pandemic. Fans were unable to attend any matches in the regular season, and as of now, they will not be able to attend Division Series matches either.

“Maybe our fans’ inability to enjoy the experience of playing on the field is my biggest disappointment,” said Manfred. “The players were passionately honest about the importance and importance of having fans in our stadium. It confirms the relationship between our fans and our players.”

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Manfred told USA Today that he expects to be on hand at the World Series where the Commissioner usually presents the tournament trophy to the winner.

Manfred said: “Frankly, I think this World Championship is going to be special.” “I think the team that comes through proves that they have not only won over all clubs, but have defeated a much bigger challenge in relation to this pandemic.”

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