Colin Cabernick’s ice cream Matthew Perry is infected with the Coronavirus, everything is Star Wars

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Colin Cabernic ice cream flavor Coming to Ben & Jerry’s … looking for Best hot soup in Chicago … we must have everything He became the Joker long agoThe onion does it againPiers Morgan calms the rumors China’s gray war … Israel and Morocco To normalize relationsFox News is in trouble Crossing got chilledVelez will attend Dave Dombrowski … Paul George The new contract gets juicy extension … Disney’s going to Make the whole plane from Star Wars … seriously, Everything will be Star Wars … at least Bob Odenkirk does something interestingMatthew Perry is infected with the Coronavirus

11 festive facts about Hanukkah. [Mental Floss]

Great story about Jack Easterby, who has been compared to Littlefinger. [Sports Illustrated]

Jimmy Fallon should be wearing glasses. [Vulture]

Steve Wozniak: If only the CDC would listen to me. [TMZ]

Bill Bilesik says Cam Newton will remain a QB. [ESPN]

This is not an acceptable masking.

Phoebe Bridgers – The Punisher album

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