Characters of the Year chosen by Avarian readers: Salvini, Del Vecchio and …

Characters of 2021, the seven profiles chosen by . readers

Matteo Salvini in politics, Mario Draghi in the economy, Leonardo del Vecchio in finance, Xi Jinping in foreign policy, Marcel Jacobs in the field of sports, Alberto Angela in culture and manskin in shows. that’s it Seven characters of the year Readers’ Choice In a five-day knockout survey. over there editorial board He chose the most influential people of 2021 for each sector. We started with a short list of 5 names (7 in politics) for each region Day after day has been mitigated.

Distinguish large scan surprises so exceptions excellent. Notable personalities such as Chiara Ferragni e videos And winning men like the coach of the Italian national team Roberto Mancini They were prematurely eliminated from the race to Best Character of 2021.

in a PolicySurprisingly, he won the “Personality of the Year” leader award. Matteo Salvini League Overcoming the thick and prestigious competition unleashed by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, secretary Democratic Party Enrico LettaLeader Italy long live Matteo Renzi, President 5 star movement Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister Mario Draghi (who was also nominated for Economic Person of the Year) and finally Leader Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni.

in a Economie Prime Minister Mario Draghi He received the award for the most influential person in the field, surpassing the governor European Central Bank Christine Lagarde, secretary CGIL Maurizio LandiniPresident of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and judge Central Bank of the United States (feed it) Jerome Powell.

Leonardo del Vecchio he is a man Finance From 2021. Sponsor Luxoteca Beat the CEO Apple Tim Cook, chief executive officer from my general Philip Donnet Publisher and Entrepreneur Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone And CEO Tesla Elon Musk.

in a Foreign Policy The Person of the Year awarded by readers is the Chinese President Xi Jinping. beat the french president Emmanuel Macron, the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett The new German chancellor Olaf Schulz And the President of the United States Joe Biden.

endless victories Marcel Jacobs. readers Business They gave him Sports Personality of the Year by eliminating the hair skater Sophia Jogja And hit the volleyball star to break up Paula Igono, high jump Gianmarco Tampere The technical representative of the Italian national team Roberto Mancini.

A leader in ratings and also in polls, maker of documentaries and trending films Alberto Angela She is the personality of the year in the field of culture. beat the writer Stefania O’SheaSenator for life Liliana Sejri, Writer Edith Brock and the manager Paolo Sorrentino.

manskin catch everything. The Romanian band has outdone the pop singer ElodieInfluencer and Entrepreneur kiara Virignysinger videos, actress Kasia Smutniak and the presenter Katrina Palivo.

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