Bye El Salvador? Enrico Duñas Hernandez confirms that Finland asked him out

The Finnish Football Association called Enrico Duñas Hernandez to play for the Scandinavian country, will he accept?

Enrico Duñas Hernandez He was one of the most prominent football players on the national football team The savior Pre-Olympic, a competition that had competed in the qualifiers destined for Tokyo 2021 recently.

The dream of the Select pre-Olympic It couldn’t be like that, but Duñas Hernandez made clear its quality.

Well, Enrico’s career might take an unexpected course, at least for the Salvadoran fans; Whatever “cuscatleco lavender“Before and after in his career as a professional soccer player.

Enrico Duñas Hernandez, footballer at Vitesse Arnhem From the Dutch league, L. basketball court That the Finnish Football Association had contacted him to play with them.

For the time being, Duñas did not want to provide further details in this regard; But he admitted it Fines They knock on your door.

Enrico Duñas Hernandez, from Vitis Arnhem to the pre-Olympic El Salvador national football team. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image | LaSelecta_SLV | Twitter | Link:

As we have said over and over again here in Kancha, Duñas Hernandez He is a Dutch man with a Salvadoran father and a Finnish mother. We don’t know what surname the mother contributes to the name Enrico, but its origin Scandinavian it’s the truth.

And the Enrico Duñas Hernandez Given the proposal made by the Finnish Federation, it would likely be playing with the first team, since the youth teams in the European country do not have competitions ahead.

But what a country can not go to a world Cup And that the sport of his property Hockey? The most logical answer appears to be the chance to play the 2021 European Nations Cup, which is often called Eurocope.

The highest level tournament among nations UEFA It will be held in June this year, everything is fine.

Finland She has many players on the first team who could represent another country, but they have finally chosen the Scandinavian country. Among these players are Finns Glenn Camara (Sierra Leone) Daniel Oshunsi (Ireland) S. Rasmus Schuller (Germany).

So the soccer player Enrico Duñas Hernandez This would not be the first case as such for the Finns, who today are a very strong and proven select group; So much so, that he will play the European Cup for the first time in its history this year.

¿Gold Cup a Eurocope? The answers we will definitely know soon.

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