But the credit is (still) to Trump

Just over a month after the assault on Congress on the day when Joe Biden was due to be confirmed as President of the United States of America through the vote of the electorate, it may still be too early to talk about the effects on ‘The American economy Data from the founding of the democratic politician. Above all, it is still too early to say that the recovery in the US economy that occurred in the first month of the year and the gradual social stability were in fact his personal success. Aside from some of the declarations and the moratorium that the opposition has already challenged, Biden’s hand on US economics and politics has yet to emerge, relying for the time being on what is the legacy of closing former President Donald Trump’s mandate.

Is the United States emerging from the crisis?

As can be seen from the German newspaper woman, In January United States of America It has seen a strong rebound foroccupationWith the American economic system, which was able to provide more than 40 thousand job opportunities. A character far from the early years of the Trump administration, but placed within a historical framework is not a positive thing, but is synonymous with the fact that the path he took may not have been as wrong as his political opponents have tried to show.

However, with Biden as president, the message you risk reaching is that this outcome is in large part due to his election and the new (old) political and economic vision he brought to the American world. However, the fact of the facts, as highlighted above, confirms how this is done The first “success” of 2021 Nevertheless, it is the result of the outgoing administration, which has clearly demonstrated its ability to provide concrete answers to the crisis. Thus, in this scenario, to assess the true impact of the democratic doctrine within the American economic world, we will have to wait for the next few months, when the signs of change presented by Biden and his new government team become evident.

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Biden’s successes will be attributed to Trump

Equivalent to a recovery in employment, even successes in terms of production will actually be a result of the measures it implementsTrump administration, At least as far as the first six months of 2021 are concerned. In this time period, in fact, it is very unlikely that Biden will be able to give a decisive and tangible imprint of his project to the United States, dismantling only a little at what time the former tenant of the White House did .

While inside and outside the border we have already started talking about a reality. “The Biden Effect“Reality describes a completely different scenario. The United States is already on the road to recovery, but the meritocracy is precisely those economic and social doctrines that have been heavily criticized in the election campaign by Democrats and have now proven, however, to be incredibly helpful in the case of Biden’s character. The same, after all, is what could also happen outside the border and in terms of diplomatic relations that changed under Trump regarding Barack Obama’s presidency, another confirmation of how, perhaps, not all of the work the Republican did. The administration considered being ignored. .

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