‘Brainwashing in concentration camps’

It is a true drama what you get Uyghurs They found themselves living on their skin in China, in the Xinjiang region. The Muslim minority has been accused by the central government of committing assaults for years and is subject to continuous and formally opposed repression of terrorism, which considers them prisoners in Concentration camps. On paper, these would be technical institutes, but in all respects they appeared to be impregnable strongholds equipped with watchtowers, walls and fences. Focused and in-depth position on the occasion of today’s episode of “Report”, broadcast on the Ray Tree channel, where the floor was given to anthropologist Adrian Zenz, who identified these places. “Areas where they are brainwashed”.

Uyghurs are subject to a strict re-education program, which consists of very strict rules, and at the end of this path, let’s quote the same expression that “report” used in his service dedicated to this topic, “Shipped in the name of Head of cattle In factories in eastern China, in the reintegration projects planned by the party. At least 80,000 people would have ended up producing clothing for the major brands, from H&M to Nike, from Adidas to Zara. “.

UIGURI, the suppression of China in XINJIANG

suppression China In Xinjiang towards the Uyghur Muslim minority should be the subject of a video conference scheduled for Wednesday 12 May at the United Nations, but according to reports from the AgerPres news agency, which in turn points to Agence France-Presse, China itself has urged some countries, including Germany. And the USA and Great Britain to cancel it.
“This event is based on pure lies and political prejudices.”Allegedly, officials of the Chinese diplomatic mission to the United Nations, urging the participating organizers “This event, which interferes in China’s internal affairs, is canceled immediately and calls on other member states to reject it.”. still: Historically, the situation in Xinjiang has never been goodWith stability, rapid economic development and the harmonious coexistence of people of all ethnic groups. “. But the United States spoke of “genocide” with a swift response from the Chinese: “The United States claims to have human rights for Muslims in the heart, even though the world is known for killing Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The United States and its supporters have killed the largest number of Muslims in the world.”.

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