Australia’s alternative is growing to host the Lions vs South Africa tour

It was officers British & Irish Lions will meet on Thursday to discuss Australian rugby’s proposal to host the series against South Africa for the first time. The Australian idea met a tepid response when it debuted last month, but support for returning the tour to its Wallabies home has grown since then.

Given that the games in South Africa are increasingly likely to be played behind closed doors and amid the ongoing uncertainty that fans could attend if the Lions Tour were to take place in the UK and Ireland, The Australian alternative has now gained momentum.

With an offer from the UAE as the only other host invitation received, the Australian proposal is ready for review in detail and potential Selling the audiences that will attend the Games will be considered very attractive to tour as Lions and Springboks will operate from centers, which may be based in Sydney or Perth..

In an interview with The Telegraph, Hamish McLennan, president of Australian rugby, said: “If we were to sell tickets to Sydney or Perth, which is achievable if we were allowed to have full crowds, that would be amazing for us. Players. The UK was tough, but life in Sydney is relatively normal… We can successfully host this.

“The NSW government is committed to regulating and operating sports of all kinds and is probably the best in the world to do so. Players will really enjoy it and I’m sure we can also offer a really decent check for South Africa and Lions. We’ll fix it if you tell us before April.

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