Astros’ defense costs in ALCS Game 2 are a loss for rays

San Diego – shocking defensive game by Jose Alto, a brilliant match by Reyes and the constant absence of clutch strikes from Astros that have put Houston into a deep hole.

Altuve made a stray throw-up that led to the first half of three rounds, and Rays handcuffed Houston for the second day in a row to clinch a 4–2 win in the second match of the Major League Soccer Series at Petco Park. Tampa now leads the Astros 2-0 in a Best of Seven series.

For the second day in a row, Houston overtook Rice. 11 starters have been stranded. At nine, George Springer and Alex Bregman attack with bases loaded against Rice near Nick Anderson. Springer puts in a double play before Bergman flies deep into midfield, ending the game.

With two naysayers and a runner at first, Altuve threw a low-key offense by Ji-Man Choi in the first. Yuli Guriel could have won the baseball, but he failed. So did his attempt to catch her while the burly Choi pressed down on the first baseline.

Next, Manuel Margot took Astros player Lance McCollers Jr. deeply into the dead center field, causing chaos in the half that should have ended earlier. McCullers was pretty impressive otherwise, achieving 11 in seven dominant rounds. Nine-digging hitter Mike Zonino took him deep in seventh, hanging the only gained sprint on his streak.

Altuve made another throwaway in the fourth foul, prompting the club to reconfigure the shift position. Carlos Correa replaced Altuve in the short right field – where the triple throw foul arrived.

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Against Rays, three runs that look like 30. Starter Charlie Morton and four painkillers collaborate to tame Astros’ attack. They produced only two hits from the extra base – double the ground base by Martín Maldonado and the seventh singles house run by Correa.

Morton managed five innings without goals. Astros put on seven key players while on the job. Five arrived at the registration center. They are all stranded. Tampa has scored at least three strikes with great defensive plays, the kind of skill that eluded the Astros throughout the match.

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