An island in Australia will be renamed in honor of Elizabeth II in her 70-year reign


2 ene 2022 09:37 GMT

The ceremony will also include the opening of water parks that will alter the nearby beach and improve water quality.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that the man-made Aspen Island, located in a lake in the country’s capital, will be renamed in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, who will turn 70 on the throne this year.

Aspen Island On Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Carillon’s national home, it will be renamed Queen Elizabeth II Island during a special event in June 2022,” the president said on January 1 at Release official.

“Since Her Majesty officially opened the National Carillon in 1970, it makes sense to change the name of Aspen Island. In recognition of his long years of service in AustraliaHe added that the ceremony “will also include the opening of the new Reina Isabel water parks, which will transform the nearby beach and improve the quality of the water.”

Morrison also announced that this year he will be in Australia multiple “National and community eventsTo commemorate the platinum jubilee of the British monarch.

“70 years of service is a truly phenomenal achievement and we are proud to join other ‘Commonwealth’ nations to celebrate this achievement,” the politician said, adding that the King “has always had a deep affection and close connection with the people of Australia.”

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