American Airlines is planning Boeing 737 MAX flights starting in December

American Airlines, one of the world’s largest airlines, plans to fly its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from the end of December. This is in line with comments by some regulators that the plane will be ready to fly before the end of the year.

American Airlines plans to fly a 737 MAX between Miami and New York. Photo: Getty Images

It plans 737 MAX flights starting in December

American Airlines plans to start flights of the 737 MAX between Miami and New York from December 29, according to a report by Reuters. The 737 MAX previously flew between New York and Miami, so this is not a new route for the MAX. American Airlines has also previously flown a 737 MAX to Latin America from Miami.

The 737 MAX does well with American Airlines outside Miami. While it can make some great short trips, the plane is also economical on longer routes, such as Quito, Cancun, and Antigua, and even some long-distance transcontinental routes like Los Angeles.

Amid a mixture of closed borders, and the uncertainty over whether all countries will raise the global grounding of the MAX simultaneously, it makes sense then, that the United States would only place the aircraft on one domestic route as of now. It gives the United States time to prepare a few planes for flight, and if recertification is not done in time, America only needs to change a small portion of its schedule. However, MAX will return to commercial service with The American in December aligns with President Robert Essom’s comments in July.

An American plane flies two 737 MAX aircraft from Roswell to Tulsa
The MAX shutdown has wreaked havoc on the US agenda. Photo: Getty Images

MAX re-certification

Regulators have indicated, in the past few months, that the 737 MAX is on its way to recertification in the coming months. The Regulatory Director for Europe stated that it is satisfied with the 737 MAX changes. The FAA President Steve Dickson recently piloted the MAX himselfThe plane appears to be entering the home extension before recertification.

Flying the MAX from the end of December means the aircraft must be re-certified by mid-November or early December, but that will be tight. After the aircraft is re-certified, American and Boeing will need to work on updating the MAX with any and all upgrades the aircraft requires, and American pilots will need to undergo special training for the 737 MAX Before heading to the cockpit.

737 Max
Like many other airlines, American is waiting to deliver some already manufactured 737 MAX aircraft. Photo: Getty Images

Boeing is unable to deliver any 737 MAX aircraft due to continuous global grounding. Instead, aircraft due in America are currently on hold until they can be re-certified, repaired and delivered.

Boeing 737 Max American aircraft

The 737 Max seats 172 passengers with 16 first-class seats in reclining style, 30 economy seats with extra legroom, and 126 seats in standard economy class. From a configuration point of view, this is in line with The American Boeing 737-800 is currently undergoing retrofits. This creates additional efficiencies within the airline’s fleet, and in the event of a necessary replacement between New York and Miami, the 737-800 could take over the MAX without forcing the Americans to collide with passengers.

Boeing 737 Max, Ground, 1 year
American Airlines seats 172 passengers on board Max 8 planes. Photo: Getty Images

American Airlines continues to plan ahead with the 737 MAX aircraft in its fleet. With 24 aircraft already delivered and 76 orders placed, the airline’s distraction is difficult and counter-intuitive. The 737 MAX will allow American Airlines to continue modernizing its fleet and open up new opportunities.

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