Amazon Music now has podcasts

Amazon Music now offers podcasts. Today the company released an update that brings more than 70,000 offers to the platform, including some headlines, such as a series And Pod of Saving AmericaAs well as new exclusive deals such as a show with DJ Khaled called the first, In which he will interview the artists about their successful successes and the stories behind them. Disgrasland, A popular program from iHeartMedia, will also be exclusive to the platform from February 2021.

Podcasts can be listened to via the updated Amazon Music app, on the web, or on Amazon Echo devices. Echo devices will search Amazon Music by default and will remember where your listeners have stopped, regardless of the platform they use to listen.

The Wall Street Journal Reports Amazon will sell ads for its shows, although it is unclear whether this means DJ Khaled and other hosts will read the ads and whether paid subscribers will hear these ads, similar to Spotify.

Of course, this now makes Amazon Music even more competitive with Spotify, which is a company that is already investing heavily in podcasts. Apple Music is now standing out as the primary music streaming app that hasn’t yet integrated podcasts. Apple does play Apple Podcasts, but has kept the two separate from one another, despite merging podcasts and music across platforms to diversify catalogs and turn apps into places suitable for all audio needs.

The Amazon Music Podcast Update is especially interesting considering Audible Recently announced The latest and cheapest subscription plan that gives listeners access to the exclusive podcast. It appears that these shows are not listed on Amazon Music, which means that if people want to hear an audiobook, they will have to subscribe separately. Meanwhile, Amazon Music includes offerings available across all platforms, which set it apart from Audible currently.

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