Achille Lauro and San Marino to conquer Europe – Chronicle

Achille Lauro won and Titan Republic also won. The first edition of the “Voice of the Una of San Marino” festival was recognized as a success by the media and social networks. Because the event is not only an opportunity for viewing and entertainment for the public, but also a tool for generating positive economic effects, for the benefit of the growth and tourism development of a territory. Little did Achille Lauro himself think about what a similar victory would represent for him: “A great opportunity to face an international audience, it will take us ten years of experience.” So commented my super favorite from Eve. On the stage of the Teatro Nuovo di Dogana, live at the San Marino Rtv that organized the event together with Media Evolution and the Ministry of State for Tourism, and in front of the jury chaired by Mogol and Maestro Peppe Vessicchio who attended the evening among bringing the audience, Achille Lauro “Stripper”: “Music song Punk rock is, perhaps, let’s say, kind of a bit indeterminate like everything I’ve done in my career. A feminist piece, where there is a duality between a man and a woman, tells us about feeling like a woman and having no problems with outside judgment.” Eighteen finalists, divided between senior and newcomers, were submitted by Sennheit and Jonathan: well-known faces include Ivana Spagna, Valerio Scanno, Alberto Fortes with Tony Secco and the Romanian band Dishidos. On the international podium, with Achille Lauro, Turkish-Dutch DJ Burak Yetter and Alessandro Kohli, and from the UK, Aaron Sibley. Guests of honor Albano Carrisi, who re-proposed “I cigni di Balakà,” already champions a plagiarism dispute with Michael Jackson, and “Wèll live it all again,” with whom he co-starred at Eurofestival in ’76 with Romina Power (“next year.. .

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