A moon-sized UFO seen near the sun in a NASA video | Strange | News

A moon-sized UFO seen near the sun in a NASA video | Strange | News

The possibility of extraterrestrials has piqued humanity’s interest for centuries, and now a conspiracy theorist believes he has evidence. A short video from Helio Viewer, observing the sun from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory – a satellite for NASA – shows a series of black dots flying next to our host star.

Although there are hundreds of objects in the video, one conspiracy theorist believes he has identified a huge spaceship in the center of the footage.

Scott C Waring, a prominent space enthusiast, claimed there was a cleverly designed spacecraft in the video.

Moreover, Waring claims that the UFO in question is roughly the same size as the moon.

The conspiracy theorist believes, for some reason and without explanation, that NASA will not tell the world about a potential massive spaceship in our solar system and the space agency will try to cover it up.

Waring said on his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, “This video from Helioviewer actually has a tube as huge as a UFO filming.

“ UFOs are huge and shaped even on both sides.

“This really looks like a cleverly crafted craft. The UFO was seen twice by two different filters, once in black and the other in white.

“The UFO is the size of Earth’s moon. Why haven’t people alerted the world about it? Because they know that it is not an asteroid or an asteroid.”

However, the object in question might just be a meteor or an asteroid.

There are hundreds of thousands of space rocks, which can range from a few centimeters to hundreds of miles, within our solar system, so it wouldn’t be surprising if one of them were captured in NASA images.

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Some scientists might argue that the object is a piece of alien dandruff floating in front of the camera.

The phrase was first promoted by former NASA engineer James Auberg, who said that space dandruff could be anything from tiny rocks to chips of paint that fell from a rocket.

“I had enough real spaceflight experience to realize that what is seen in many of the videos does not go beyond the ‘norm’ of mundane phenomena that happen in non-terrestrial places,” said Auberge.

He added that the human brain is not programmed to understand the little things that float in zero gravity.

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