The Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset starts shipping at $ 299 today

The new Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset started shipping on Facebook today. The Quest 2 is a cheaper remastered version of the original Quest 2019. It has the same standalone tethered design but with a new chipset and a big point in screen resolution and console battery life. It starts at $ 299 for the base 64GB model and $ 399 for the 256GB version, which is a $ 100 decrease from the original Quest model.

Pre-orders for Quest 2 have been open since September, and are available through the Oculus website and stores like Best buy And the Walmart, With a full list of retailers in the Oculus ad post. The original Quest has been difficult to purchase for most of the past year, thanks to persistent supply issues, but Quest 2 appears to be still widely available.

As we wrote in September, Quest 2 improves some of the Quest’s biggest drawbacks, particularly weight and balance issues, as long as you pay an extra $ 49 for a replacement head strap. Oculus has also expanded its library since launching the original Quest, and has a roster of promised upcoming games later this year. The only potential problem is that you will need a Facebook account – not just a separate Oculus account – to use it.

Quest 2 replaces the original Quest, and starting next year, it will be the only headphone on Facebook where the tethered Rift S will be discontinued in the spring. The product still has some high-end competition, including valve indicator and upcoming HP Reverb G2. But if you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive VR that doesn’t require a PC, the Quest is in a unique position – and it’s now for sale.

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