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Wooden seating islands with trees, colorful LED water features and an attractive garden for the Community Center restaurant: The Unterföhring community intends to bring excitement to the bleak front yard of the Community Center eleven years after it opened. Local politicians have long agreed that the area around the cultural center should be redesigned. The large square and outside terrace of the restaurant, which has a new tenant in owner Engin Sali, is in need of a thorough beauty treatment. His designs come from landscape architects Zuckschwert and Martin of Freising. First of all, the plastic cover in front of the bar should be removed, and the playing equipment should be on the south side in a separate playing area so that the owner can sit in a sunny place.

A solution has also been found to the so-called water curtain, which has been a community problem since the opening of the community center because soft drink makers are not working properly yet. Since the interaction of the nozzles with the groundwater table in front of the inlet was not possible due to the lack of water pressure, the systems are disconnected. After installing a new feed pump and descaling all nozzles and tubes, the fountain technology should work.

The fact that the renovation of water technology costs 300,000 euros and therefore is more than 100,000 euros over budget, raised some eyebrows at the recent meeting of local politicians. Philip Schwartz, leader of the SPD’s parliamentary group, called the reform too costly, and money should be made for “bubble groups,” he said, and questioned whether soft drink makers could reach the required height of 80 to 120 centimeters. The Director of the Building Authority, Lothar Kapfenberger, disputed that the tests showed this. In the end, the majority on the board voted in favor of the investment.

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The council was less generous when it came to fulfilling the new tenant’s wishes to modernize the community center restaurant. Sally presented the local politicians with a new furniture menu for indoors and outdoors, new ceiling lighting, a hall in the hallway, laying tiles in the garden of the restaurant, installing a booth window for serving ice cream and other dishes. . Cost: 76,850 euros. The municipal council did not want to fully agree to this. Window expenses (15,000 euros) and new cover (20,000 euros) will be charged. For everything else, the host and the brewery had to pay, the majority said.

Engin Sally and his team are currently working on remodeling the restaurant and giving it a “completely new and modern look,” he said. The owner hopes to open the “Sales Kitchen” in early September. The aim is to create a gastronomic experience through live performances and franciscos, among others. The gastronomic concept is already in place: in the morning a “lively breakfast” is served with regional products, at lunchtime there are daily changing menus as well as a weekly business lunch menu, and in the afternoon homemade cakes, pancakes, ice cream and pralines with coffee from the roaster our own. In the evening, the tenant plans a “Mediterranean crossover kitchen”, steak chops and – not to forget – a “good old Bavarian cuisine”. Sally said he was very grateful to the community for their cooperation in bearing part of the costs.

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