Presidia in territory and regional administration, this is how Bper has changed in Varese and Lombardy

Until now he was the head of the regional administration of Bper in Varese. Simon Massey In the midst of the pandemic, it faced the emigration of former Ubi clients, a process unprecedented in scale and complexity in the history of the Italian credit system. After managing this transition on the ground, he is now facing a new phase characterized by Change in the organizational structure Of the third Italian banking group that is closely concerned with the province of Varese. In fact, in January 2022, it was Administration of the new West Lombardy region of Bper Which will include Varese, Bergamo and Milan, a structure in which Massi himself could play an important role.

The reorganization of the Bper Group just eight months after its arrival in the province of Varese, after Intesa Sanpaolo’s sale of former Ubi branches, sparked a series of criticisms, in particular criticism of the bank for choosing to no longer have a provincial administration in the province.
“In order to facilitate the listing and integration of nearly one and a half million clients, Bper has built itself up with 17 regional directorates, four of which are in Lombardy, one in Varese, one in Milan and pre-existing, one in Bergamo and one in Brescia. The bank of our size should have to compete with the best National system practices Simplified and efficient operations Bringing the 17th to 9th regional directorates going in the direction of effectiveness and efficiency Varese, Bergamo and Milan will meet in one big direction called Lombardy West and will be based in Milan It will be an important hub nationally and internationally, and a very attractive ecosystem connected to other provinces. To be part of this structure is strategic, especially for the provinces which, among the clients and the intermediate masses, the size of the branches and the malls, constitute about 40 per cent of this great regional administration.’

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Is there a fundamental difference compared to the previous OPI regional organization?
«Of course: before the separation of Milan, while Varese was part of the Macro region it was based in Bergamo, which in turn now flows into Milan. It is a fundamental difference in the sense that no one is dependent on anyone else. We are all part of a regional administration that is the largest of its kind for a Bper. In this light, the passage of agents between central and northern Italy must be seen. These lands will be strengthened because they are a large part of the Lombard ecosystem which is a driving force for the country.”

What do you answer those who argue that by eliminating the regional administration of Varese, the region loses its centrality?
“It is legitimate to worry, but the direction is moving, the principles are not moving. In Varese there will remain the new branches of regional administration, which will be strengthened and will refer to an administration that will have more mandates, more powers, more autonomy and decision-making powers. The reason for this expansion depends. On the fact that we have brought in 250 thousand customers, out of a total of 700 thousand, and 16 billion intermediate volumes out of a total of 45 billion euros as dowry for this new ecosystem. So the region does not lose its relevance. In fact, precisely because we want to strengthen it, we create this regional management Greater controls with stronger controls, with streamlined operations, faster communication and greater autonomy.”

Will workers continue to work in Milan?
There is union action going on and I think the fear of change is legitimate and understandable. But I can calmly say that there is no intention to put the workers in trouble. The same applies to clients and organizations who will not have any consequences from this reorganization. This structure remains as a branch under a different cover and the link to the branches and territory will be exactly the same. Apart from some rationalization, the principles and branches of the new regional administration will remain. The bank has a social role but it is also a health resort that must be accountable to and be accountable to shareholders and stakeholders as a subject belonging to the economic and social fabric. We are also caught in a complex context that is gradually emerging from an emergency situation. For this reason, knowledge of the region will be crucial in facilitating Pnrr recovery (National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Editor). In these areas there is a great perspective view and we have to be on the same level as our entrepreneurs to draw inspiration and lessons from them. This reorganization is making us more competitive and becoming, so we need to be more effective, simpler and stronger.”

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How has the relationship between banks and companies changed?
Until a few decades ago, little was said in the bank. Today, on the other hand, there is maximum transparency, because there is a partnership relationship between the bank and the company, and not just advice. We have an exciting future ahead, with new competitors, let’s think about the world of fintech or Amazon. However, I think the connection with the bank and its staff is still important. I’m involved in manufacturing processes, but manufacturing ties is wrong. Brand trust and credibility are closely linked to the people who work.”

What do you think of young entrepreneurs?
“They have great ideas and there are no limits: their home is the world. Its added value lies in the ability to contaminate and deal with people from India, China and the United States, for example. They pay close attention to issues of sustainability and personal well-being and aim to build a business in line with these values. There is unprecedented enthusiasm, determination and intellectual acceleration in their way of doing business. I did a few laps in Innovation Center And I’ve seen extraordinary things: from the design of new satellites to luminous devices capable of reproducing natural light. Lombardy is particularly innovative thanks to not only start-ups but also companies that reach the fifth or sixth generation are able to change their skin while maintaining that I know how A quality that comes from afar and still manages to stand out in the contemporary world and in the world. We note that many companies are already aligned with green, circular and sustainability themes because it is part of their tradition.”

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How many numbers of work did Bper do in the area in the first eight months?
“These have been challenging months and at the same time exciting. We have done a good job, with respected people who care about their work, and the numbers are there to testify: we have disbursed, including mortgages and loans, 130 million euros to nearly three thousand families, and 200 million to Nearly a thousand companies, including small, medium and large companies, and deposits continue to grow. These numbers tell us that Bper shareholders have believed and invested in these areas and we will do everything in our power to do better and better.”

Luca Gotti is the new manager of the fledgling macro region that Varese will be a part of. What will happen to Simon Massey?
“I was born in Bergamo, lived in Milan for thirty years, and worked in Varese. So West Lombardy is a bit like my home. The Bank has its times and rites, but if he suggests me and wants me to be a part of this regional trend, I will be very happy to continue the virtuous path we have followed thus far.”

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