Another monolith has been found – this time in El Paso, Texas | Gay news

The most recent series of monoliths appeared around the world in El Paso, Texas.

Local media said the structure appeared in a parking lot near the station, The Station, a food, shopping and entertainment complex on the western side in the upper El Paso Valley.

A video from a live broadcast posted on Twitter appears to show a hollow sound when struck, indicating that it is lightweight, or, as indicated in the video, “not strong at all.”

Shortly after its discovery, residents arrived to take it in a truck, and posted a video of its removal on social media.

Since the appearance of the first so-called monolith last month on The Utah Desert, Others appeared on Hill in Romania, On the top of the mountain In California, at Isle of Wight And in Belgium.

Others have appeared in Spain and Germany and one golden one in Colombia since the first monolith was found in the United States.

Monolith of the Isle of Wight. Pic: Tom Dunford

Many of them disappeared days after they were found.

Like most others, the El Paso monolith was a shiny metal skeleton similar to the one found in the Stanley Kubrick 2001 movie: A Space Odyssey.

Monolith appeared in Romania.  Pic: Ziar Piatra Neamt
Monolith appeared in Romania. Pic: Ziar Piatra Neamt

The first reported monolith in Utah was originally spotted by state wildlife officials who were helping count big sheep from a Utah Public Safety Department helicopter.

The 10-12 feet (3-3.6 meters) structure was discovered in the ground and placed in a red rocky bay, sparking speculation about how it existed and attracting the attention of conspiracy theorists.

Mineral monolith found in Utah.  PIC: Utah Department of Public Safety
The first monolith is found in Utah. PIC: Utah Department of Public Safety

Days later, however, the Utah Office of Land Management said that The chassis has been removed.

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US media said a group called The Most Famous Artist took credit for this and one in California, and is selling replicas for $ 45,000 (£ 34,000) each.

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