YouTube will finally solve one of its biggest problems


One of YouTube’s biggest problems goes away: content creators will be able to patch videos that have already been uploaded.

Youtube Someone wants to end Most frequent complaints By thousands of creators using the platform to share their videos with the rest of the world. company announce That, very soon, it will be possible Add corrections to already uploaded videos in a simple way.

The feature has already started appearing in the dashboard of some creators, and as the days go by, it is expected that it will reach everyone. Thanks to this function, it will be possible to add Video explanations which indicates Where there is an error in the sectionNo need to delete the old video and upload a new one.

This is how YouTube patches work

YouTube icon, the video platform par excellence.

YouTube has implemented a review system It is not allowed to replace the original video with the correct one. Instead, it was decided to add the probability Include text boxes Displays corrections at specific moments in the video.

YouTube video fixes

YouTube Patches allow you to add reviews to already uploaded videos.

After adding a patch – or multiple patches – to a video, when it’s played, a Note in the upper right corner of the playerindicating to the person watching the video that Corrections have been added to this. By touching the mentioned warning, it will be possible to see all the changes made from the same menu.

It may not be the best solution to a problem Videos with errorsBut it’s definitely a step in the right direction, and more than one creator will appreciate that Google finally decided to implement it on the platform.

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