YouTube is the video platform that Italians love the most

There is no generation gap: When it comes to social networking and video use, It remains the undisputed king of YouTube in Italy as well as in some key global markets. To reveal this is his latest investigation canal factory, Global video technology platform working in brand relevance solutions that highlights ways to use and enjoy videos for major social channels (YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, and opens a comparison from 2020-2022 with a focus on three groups: Gen Z) and Millennials and Gen X. The survey was conducted globally in 4 other countries besides Italy: the United States, Australia, Great Britain and Singapore.

More specifically, by comparing individual platforms, YouTube is the most used social network in Italy during the triennium 2020-2022 with 88% of the answers in favour., at a safe distance from Meta (67.6%) and TikTok (54.3%). An indisputable common priority for all age groups for YouTube, while the second preference varies according to age: Meta with Facebook, Instagram for Millennials and Gen X; TikTok for Gen Z. A guide, Channel Factory explains, which shows how YouTube can beat social media profiles, Conquer at the same time both the smallest and the largest segments of the population.

Not only that, Italian users prefer medium length videos, Especially on YouTube, compared to films that are shorter or longer than 60 minutes, the latter types of content are generally more appreciated abroad. In this scenario, there is only a deviation from Gen Z – the subject of the study along with Millannials and Gen X – which in 2022 said they felt more engaged in TikTok (61.3% vs. 52.3% from YouTube), while age groups The other is to stay “loyal” to YouTube after choosing Meta as a second option. Globally, YouTube has always been appreciated by all three generations in 2022, and it has reclaimed the favor of millennials around the world who have preferred Meta in the past couple of years.

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“Today YouTube enjoys a special interest among Italian users of all generations,” he comments. Luca Di Cesar, Channel Factory District Manager, Italy. “Context can make a difference for advertisers, who can find the perfect environment in long and distinct videos to convey their message. We also noted that ad content, which is perfectly aligned with editorial content, recorded a 17% increase in ROI.”

Social engagement rewards creativity

From the point of view of engagement and social engagement, Italy again offers some distinct characteristics compared to other markets participating in the Channel Factory survey. The main reason why our citizens share an advertising film with family or friends is, in fact, related to the creative dimension (38.6%) with a peak over 51% for Generation Z, and for entertainment reasons (40, 1%). In the rest of the countries, on the other hand, participation takes place due to the potential importance and interest of the content, always to the family unit or circle of friends (52.1%. A figure that can be explained in light of the Italians’ greater interest in aesthetic and creative factors in the field of video advertising, while abroad there is a tendency to focus More on the content of the content.

YouTube and Meta are most used for social shopping

A chapter of the search is devoted to social shopping. At this juncture, Italian participants reported that they shop online primarily through YouTube advertising videos (32%) and Meta promotional photos (36.4%). The share of TikTok and Snapchat is more marginal, for both platforms, the most attractive format for shopping is video, in front of images and links. In other markets, responses have been heterogeneous, both in terms of social platforms and across generations. In fact, people in the world tend to buy more Meta (mainly through images), while video ads on YouTube and TikTok are getting approved by Gen Z.

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“While recording greater standardization, we must not forget that channels and generations maintain their distinctive features and different methods to maximize the effectiveness of the advertising budget,” continues de Cesar. “In this scenario, I would like to underscore a fact that is cross-sectional with the geographic setting of the analysis: YouTube and Meta are viewed by consumers as the simplest channels for making purchases. Therefore, experience and context prove once again that they are critical factors for ensuring effective communication.”

Relax, entertainment, news and longer videos

In connection with the use of content, users generally access social networks for relaxation or entertainment, as well as for information purposes. This type of content prevails in all countries and platforms: entertainment, comedy, music, dance, food, cooking, technology, lifestyle and family.

The most important guide to Italy pertains to all generations: with the pandemic, in fact, users tend to abandon short or very long videos on YouTube, preferring medium or medium length formats. Also on YouTube, and always in Italy, music, dance, technology and entertainment are the types of content that users consume the most, in front of a good segment of people who turn to the platform for informative videos, tutorials, interests and hobbies. The recent trend can be explained by the past two years of shutdowns and prolonged shutdowns of many businesses. The years consumers have had to learn how to handle small home business and home activities and YouTube has been a very useful and intuitive way to encourage in-depth operations. Once again, therefore, a unique ingredient for Italy.

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In more detail, 44.9% of Italian Generation Z watch tech-related content on YouTube very seriously, and 33.3% of the same sample does so in the case of video games. The Sports category also featured 35.4% of the overall preferences. Finally, in the period of the pandemic, YouTube has also proven to be a tool to support teaching: in fact, the proportion of Gen Z individuals who rely on the platform for additional school assistance has increased to 20.5%.

De Cesar concludes that “YouTube is not only the preferred destination for Italians, but over time its contents have gained cross-sectional value for a wide range of sectors, niches and content types in general”. “A development that has led it to enter the media diet of all our citizens on a daily basis. The appreciation and ability of advertising to deliver results, as well as the positive experience offered to the consumer through advertising videos, makes the platform an indispensable component of reaching all segments of the population.”

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