YouTube: How to monetize short videos made with shorts

Short videos or also called “shorts” on YouTube and TikTok. (Photo: 20 minutes)

future in vertical video And everyone wants at least a piece of the pie. tik tokAnd the snap chatAnd the Goal s Youtube They are heavy hitters, some with some form of monetization and some without it. YouTube is now on board with its plan to pay creators to create vertical video formats known as ‘short pants’ on the platform.

The vertical video format is currently so powerful that, according to YouTube, more than 30 billion daily views. Specifically about the video giant, there are already over 1,500 million users consuming vertical video in “shorts” every month.

Specifically, on Tuesday, September 20, YouTube announced that from 2023, short video creators will be able to join the Partner Program And start monetizing your shorts content. Thus, the subsidiary The Google It aims to reward creativity on its platform, let’s say in passing, encourage the use of this format.

Short film creators will receive 45% of advertising revenue

Previously, the Partner Program required creators to have more than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last year to use it. However, short film creators can now join the program if they have one At least 10 million visits in the last 90 days.

Traditional video creators get 55% of their ad revenue from their videos, but the number for short video creators is a little lower, but it’s still significant: Four five percent. In addition, this amount is higher than displayed on other platforms.

(Photo: YouTube)
(Photo: YouTube)

How to place an ad on YouTube shorts

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As for the mechanics, Ads are placed between videos in the feed, And every month they add and divide their income. On the one hand, they reward authors, and on the other hand, they cover music licenses. This way, content creators can also use the music they want to enhance their videos without worrying about licenses.

The concept is the same as in long YouTube videos: in the video recorded to be uploaded in the “Shorts” section, The ads you want to display are placed on the timeline.

The difference is that YouTube will then take care of putting it between “short” and “short” (so you don’t fill your users with 10-second ads in 30, 40, 50 or 60-second shorts, wasting their time and patience).

The short YouTube channel celebrated its one-year anniversary in Argentina and several Latin American countries.
The short YouTube channel celebrated its one-year anniversary in Argentina and several Latin American countries.

So what about monetizing short videos on Instagram and TikTok?

If the popularity of shorts is really true, then this decision will increase their reputation and improve their creation.

On the other hand, in terms of rewarding short video creators, YouTube is different from other platforms like tik tokbecause it has not yet introduced some kind of robust program to regulate this aspect.

While it’s true that TikTok is starting to experiment with ad exchange formats, they focus more on advertisers than creators. Only 4% of videos on this network can be monetized with TikTok Pulse.

Click on TikTok.  (Photo: TikTok Blog)
Click on TikTok. (Photo: TikTok Blog)

On the other hand, in the case of rollers From Instagram, so far There don’t seem to be clear rules About how the ads placed in the reels correspond to the number of followers.

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Instagram is known to have a rewards program called playing reel Allows you to earn money for the number of copies of the reels; The more views you get, the more money you can earn (similar to long YouTube videos).

Instagram provides more revenue for first views to boost progress. The user should follow the progress in the pro board and, Once you earn at least $100, You can withdraw funds and continue to participate in the program.

Instagram reels.  (Photo: InstagramCreators)
Instagram reels. (Photo: InstagramCreators)

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