Your dream job: Pay to travel to Australia and New Zealand: What are the application requirements

It may seem impossible, but in times of hyper-connectivity, it seems like everything can come true: wandering around and discovering the amazing landscapes of Australia and New Zealand can become a job, they pay for. 3,400 dollars a month. All the landscapes, the most important cities, such as Wellington or Sydney, as well as the 90-mile straight course, the enormous Uluru and the different cultures can all be learned in a completely free tour, with the time each place needs.

Starting today, the Deel platform has opened a call, all over the world, for anyone who wants to register to pass it Six months of adventure For a fixed payment every month. In the first hour after the call was opened, 50 requests were logged to be part of the experiment.

The sacred mountain in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, AustraliaTwitter

Without limits of age or gender, the invitation is open to anyone who considers themselves curious, loves discovering new places, socializing and, above all, who enjoys living as a nomad. Some requirements are more than three years old Experience creating content for social networks or as ambassadors for certain brands; Be a fan of Bedouin life; speaking and writing in English; And you have a passion for learning new things and sharing them with the world via social media.

“It is important to keep in mind that candidates must submit a file with examples of the content created and a link to an introductory video, allowing us to see why it is The perfect person to share the story Dell with the world. This video can be on Tik Tok, YouTube or Instagram Reel, whichever format you prefer. We know that producing these types of materials can take a while, so we expect the number of orders to increase once people have time to prepare their presentation,” according to Shannon Sweeter, global head of social media at Dell.

A view of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand
A view of Wellington, the capital of New Zealandstock struggle

The proposal, which aims to document the experience, is aimed at people who know how to create content to upload to the platform, and its purpose is to help companies hire people. You don’t have to be an influencer although being single is a differential plus. Of course, you have to know how to adjust. The idea? Show what it’s all about being a digital nomad. Thus, for a period of six months, the selected candidates will travel to the destinations in a fully equipped and furnished van to live, sleep and travel through the most magnificent landscapes of Oceania. Candidates will receive a weekly amount to pay for meals, fuel and parking. Transfers and visas are also managed by the company that hires them.

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Once the trip begins, each person will set their own path, choose the tourist places they prefer, in the order that each person prefers and assign the days that each place wants. At each stop, the truck and all its equipment will have a coil Defined space to settle for the duration of the tour. “There are many people we see every day embarking on this type of adventure and there are indeed many camping sites or designated spaces for nomads who take tours of this kind. This is why it is also important that although one will face the journey alone However, he enjoys opening up to people who are in the same type of experiences,” says Switzer.

The proposal is aimed at people who know how to create content to upload to the platform
The proposal is aimed at people who know how to create content to upload to the platformstock struggle

In this first experience they chose as the destination Australia and New Zealand. “Both countries are ideal destinations for content creation,” says Shannon Karaca, Head of State and Head of Expansion for Australia and New Zealand at Deel. “We want to help companies hire the best professionals, because there is talent all over the world, but we know that more opportunities can still be generated. Previously, people had to move physically to get into challenging jobs. Now that is changing. Today’s talents can To live and work anywhere and that is what we want to show by creating this new role,” he points out.

Last summer, the company tested an experiment travel for work With one of our Operations Managers who toured the US during the summer months. “One of the reasons we hired a professional content creator to take charge of the experiment this time around, rather than being an existing member of the Deel team, is that during our beta program, we realized that The adventure of creating quality content is a full-time job. Now we are talking about a new official Bedouin job. He travels freely throughout New Zealand and Australia to explore and share the experience of working from anywhere,” Sweetser adds.

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Although Australia and New Zealand are the starting points for this method that allows travel and work at the same time, the idea for the future is Add destinations. “If the experience is fruitful for this new nomad for social networks and for the company, we might consider doing something similar in other countries. We would very much like to venture in Latin America in the summer, knowing that the landscape is unique. However, we are always looking to make our adventure The following is bigger and bolder, so who knows what shape it might take,” Sweeter adds.

In the times to come, work formats tend to vary and become more fluid, and this proposal goes along these lines. “We believe it Remote work is the new normal And we want whoever holds this position to be able to live that experience from a first-person perspective, to be able to tell the world this truth and even behind the scenes, and thus inspire others to encourage them to do so,” concludes the director.

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