You want to get a blue tick to verify your official Telegram account, here’s how

KONTAN.CO.ID – There is a feature on Telegram, where you can get the official verification of the account you are using, or a blue tick. Want to get a blue tick on your Telegram account?

Here’s how to get a full official verification check from a telegraph account.

With over half a billion active users and rapid growth, Telegram has become the preferred communication platform for many official accounts.

Therefore, the Telegraph team ensures that the official account verification line is active in the form of a public group or bot to ensure that users interact with the official account.

Telegram reveals how to obtain blue checks or official account verification. Account verification with at least two services.

Telegram verifies official accounts by verifying that the accounts verify their accounts on at least two platforms, such as DickTalk, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, VK, and Snapshot.

Official accounts must add their Telecom Channel profile link to this platform so that the Telegram team can confirm that it belongs to the same owner.

Once done, the account holder should contact Telegram via VerifyBot to verify.

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For those who do not have a verified account on both Gang Other than that, Telegram can verify its official account via Wikipedia.

For users who do not delete a page on Wikipedia, the page meets important Wikipedia guidelines, and the page includes a link to a channel, bot, or public group on Telegram, which is one of the two accounts to be verified.

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To get an account about the nature of the company, the telegram channel link can also be considered from the official website of the company. The bot will give you the option to enter additional data and comments after verifying the social media links.

After following the page verification steps, you will get a blue flag for the successfully verified channel, board or robot. It is indicated as a blue tick badge Adds a blue tick icon to indicate that the Telegram account is official.

Please note that verified accounts cannot change their name or the short link ( If a change is required, the account holder can first delete the verification status.

The account owner should contact / erVerifyBOt only to submit / cancel account verification and re-verification using the robot as before.

Getting the blue tick on a Telegram account seems pretty complicated. However, Telegram wants to ensure that all data sent for the blue tick is not fake.

If you feel you have met some of the conditions listed above, you can follow the above procedure to get a blue flag on Telegram.

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