Yaniela Forgas maintains a winning streak in Chennai

Yanela Forgas, a chess player from Santiago de Cuba, the current National Chess Queen, added her second victory at the World Chess Olympiad hosted by the Indian city of Chennai and helped keep the Cuban women’s team undefeated, which this time defeated the representation of Moldova. So, after the first two rounds of this world event, our cast is positioned by tie-breaking in step #14.

The indomitable player, this time defending the fourth board, made Alina Mihailova bow to the king to add a unit to the Cuban Harvest which also included the successes of Yrispel Miranda and her native Maritza Arribas, who debuted in the competition as the team’s third board.

The sweep could not be completed due to resistance encountered by Lisandra Ordaz on the first board, as she was forced to sign an armistice with Valentina Verbin after 50 moves in the opening Rui Lopez driving the black pieces.

For their part, in the men’s branch, our representatives beat Nigeria with the victories of Yasir Quesada, Carlos Daniel Burnoz, Luis Ernesto Quesada and Omar Almeida, a result that finished seventh thanks to the tie-breaker of the Cuban team.

Sunday’s panorama will undoubtedly be more demanding for the Cuban delegation, as the men will have a plate through Ukrainian flag bearers who have five players showing an Elo rating greater than 2,600, among whom Anton Korobov (2692) stands out. The ladies will face representing Australia, a formation approved by two senior ladies of their rank; All according to a press note from fellow Elaine Rios Lopez.

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Jose Raul Castillo Arguelles

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