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It is not common for the apps installed by default on your Android cell phone to show an advertisement about the additional services they can offer you, this is annoying, inconvenient and even frustrating to remove them manually at every moment, this is the case of brand mobile devices Fortunately, it is possible to remove ads for good without having to root your phone. Do you want to know how to do this? We will explain the steps in detail from Depor.

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How to remove ads on your Xiaomi phone?

How to remove ads from your Xiaomi phone?

  • First enter the “Settings” of your Xiaomi phone.
  • Now, click on the section that says “Password and Security”.
  • The next step is to look for the option called “Authorize and Revoke”.
  • You will get a list of functions, deactivate the ones that say “msa”.
  • You have just turned off MIUI ads services, which is Xiaomi’s proprietary user interface.

How to remove ads from themes?

  • Access the Themes app and tap on your profile.
  • Enter “Settings”, you can locate it with the gear icon at the top.
  • Finally, turn off the “Show Ads” switch.

How to remove ads from the Music app?

  • Open the original Music app.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines icon (top right).
  • Select “Settings” > “Advanced Settings”.
  • Finally, disable the “Show ads” option.

Solve the “Cannot parse the package” notification on your ANDROID phone

The message is not clear, but it is understood that Android Unable to read APK data, why? There are many reasons, but the two most common ones are the following: when you want to force the installation of a program that requires a higher version of Android than the one you have; Or the file is fake.

  • The solutions are detailed in the causes of the problem.
  • At first, you have to update your operating system or download an APK compatible with the version you currently have.
  • In the second case, nothing can be done, it is most likely not the APK, damaged or filled with viruses. We recommend that you download software from trustworthy sites like APKMirror also UpToDown And not from anywhere.
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