Würzburg region: big problems due to …

The onset of a renewed winter brought motorway traffic to a standstill near Würzburg. There have been big problems in the Randersacker area since the early days. Traffic is sometimes backed up for up to 26 kilometers. Several trucks broke down and stopped at the other side.

A3 turns into a clay slide

Frozen slashes have turned roads into slides. Several trucks stood or did not go further.

According to the police, when the winter service ends, the situation should calm down. The winter service was also on the road at night, but the snow masses were too many. In addition, there are already many on the road with summer tires.

Trees fell under the load of snow

There were also problems on the A81 between Kist and Gerchsheim. The trees fell under the weight of the snow here and stood out on the road. The fire department had to get rid of them.

Problems also in the Kitzingen area

There were also problems in the Kitzingen area. From Friday evening to Saturday morning, police reported 12 incidents that could be attributed to snow and ice. But no one was hurt. There were particular problems with getting to Mainfrankenpark and Repperndorfer Berg. There were also fallen trees here.

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