Worried about this virus that steals banking data in Android

They caused problems, at times subsided, but now it’s reappeared, causing quite a few headaches for millions of users. And it was learned that ERMAC software appeared again to steal passwords and banking details on Android devices.

According to specialists in the field, the “malware” was discovered in hundreds of applications available in the default Google Play Store. The first variant was discovered in 2021, and as it stands now, it’s been offered “for rent” on hacking forums.

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Bad guy is a malware designed to steal important information from the devices it manages to hack. It is also known as the banking Trojan horse, depending on one of the axes of its actions. In order to attack the program, it infiltrates seemingly “innocent” applications, moreover, reports have indicated that this virus is also spread through fake websites that promise updates to browsers.

The cyber anomaly was exposed by an investigation by cyber security company ESET, which revealed the presence of ERMAC 2.0 in 467 Android apps. Specifically, it steals credentials and banking information.

To achieve this, once it is installed through an app, it asks for more than 43 permissions from the device. When granted, the hackers gain complete control over the victim’s computer. They access text messages and contacts and can record audio and see what users are typing on screens.

According to Phone Arena, some of the platforms used to deceive victims belong to well-known companies that have been hacked, including banking apps such as Japan’s Bitbank, India’s IDBI Bank, Australian Bank and Boston’s Santander Bank.

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Although it sounds complicated, the prevention and solution is actually quite easy. The main recommendation is to download only the required applications and exclusively in the Google Play Store. The other piece of info is to pay close attention when an app asks for a lot of permissions, since many of them aren’t really normal, and so it’s an important sign that ERMAC wants to take over your system.

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