World Road Championships in Australia: Seagulls attack professional cyclist Bok Mollema esports

Anyone who goes to a northern German beach with french fries or fish rolls knows that seagulls can launch malicious attacks. But you can do it without feeling hungry…

At the World Road Championships in Wollongong, Australia, 35-year-old Dutchman Bok Mollema had a painful collision with a seagull during the mixed relay.

Approach: What might a seagull think?

Photo: Photo Alliance / Roth

On the street, the bird suddenly rushed towards the professional cyclist and hit his left shoulder. They both escaped the panic but unharmed.

Did the orange shirts have a special appeal to birds? Or Molyma using the wrong deodorant? The Dutch team was already attacked by a magpie during training. Mollima posted Hitchcock’s video on Twitter.

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The mixed Dutch relay would not have been so lucky without the attacks of Möwen-Elster. Mollema also had a technical glitch and soon after the makeover, Animek van Vleuten, 39, fell badly and had to give up.

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