World Cup 2022 – For fear of defeat: FIFA announces a goalless match

No goals, few chances, caution prevails: already in the middle of the preliminary round, the World Cup in Qatar is heading towards a sad 0-0 record. Not surprisingly, FIFA and its Technical Study Group (TSG).

“It happens because teams don’t want to risk too much at the start,” former Bundesliga player Sunday Oliseh said on Saturday.

“The data shows that 70 per cent of teams that lose their first match are eliminated in the group stage – everyone knows that,” the Nigerian added. “Many teams rely on a cautious approach,” said Italian coach Alberto Zaccheroni, with a string of five players “very compressed”. “They want to get at least a point from the first game.”

There were four goalless matches in the first rounds of the eight group stage, with the second round so far a goalless draw between England and the USA. The record is seven matches without a goal – it was set in the 1982, 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Cups against Costa Rica (7-0).

The caution culminated in a 0-0 draw between Uruguay and South Korea on Thursday. For the first time in a World Cup match in the 21st century, neither team had a shot on goal.

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