Women’s World Cup New Zealand-Australia 2023: When, where, how to play and the teams

The last chance to attend the Women’s World Cup New Zealand and Australia 2023 will be played just a few months away from the tournament.

The Women’s World Cup New Zealand-Australia 2023 It’s taking shape, but the decider match between the continents is still in play. With more than 20 teams already qualified for the upcoming World Cup event in different football regions around the world, all eyes will be on the re-ranking tournament that will hand out the last three tickets available.

Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023: When, Where and Ranking

in Goal We tell you everything you need to know about the playoff tournament.

When and where is this?

The Intercontinental Play-off will be played from From 17 to 23 February 2023 depends on New Zealandwith North Harbor Stadium in Auckland and Waikato Stadium in Hamilton as venues selected for the reception. 10 participating teams.

What will the interoperability look like?

The tournament will be divided into Three groups. Sectors A and B will consist of three teams, with one seed on each team. The remaining two teams will play A One elimination match The winner will face the group president on a World Cup ticket.

In Group C, there will be two heads of a series, who will face an opponent lower in the standings, with the winners of each match facing each other at the last available World Cup place.

The The seed will be determined by FIFA Ranking The latest before the playoffs start. New Zealand and a guest team will also play a series of friendlies.

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